About Handshake Commerce

Taylor Pearson

I started this blog because I spent a year trying to find it and realized it didn’t exist. My goal with this blog is to create conversation among small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers about strategies and tactics for effective B2B eCommerce Marketing in the Connection Economy.

I believe we’re living in a time where business, more than ever before, has the ability to shape the world and create value and wealth in the lives of business owners, employees and their customers. I believe we’re at the start of a new entrepreneurial, connection-based economy.

Handshake Commerce is based on the notion that we’re returning to a world where the thing that matters again is relationships. The true value we offer to our customers isn’t the products we’re selling, but a relationship built on trust and transparency. The belief that real business is done over a handshake.

What I do

I’m the Marketing Manager for Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen of the Tropical MBA Podcast. I work with Derek to market their line of physical products, mostly at The Portable Bar Company. I also blog about the intersection of philosophy and business at Frontier Livin’.

I live in Saigon, Vietnam where I spend most of my time thinking about which cafe I want to go to next.